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  Daniel Huete

Daniel Huete is a street/documentary photographer, founder of lots Magazine.
Based in Los Angeles, Huete is known for his documentation of daily life and the cultural beauty of various countries — most notably, India.
Daniel has lived in Thailand and South Korea and has also been traveling in Asia for almost 9 years.
He is currently working on a few long-term projects in Asia and looking forward to start short term project in his hometown in Spain.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/danielhuete

Valentina Sinis

Valentina Sinis is a photographer and photojournalist based in China, cofounder of LOTS (Life On The Street) Magazine and contributor to EyesOnChina project.

She tends to gravitate toward the quirky and unusual, and finds herself attracted to offbeat realities and people on the margins. Her photos show a deep bond with her subjects, a thorough but delicate insight into idiosyncrasies, hidden meanings, and all those little gestures that are either taken for granted or sensationalized, but rarely investigated.

She was discovered and mentored by How Hwee Young, China’s regional chief photographer for EPA (European Pressphoto Agency), who gave her the opportunity to work as a stringer. Her pictures have been published on several important newspapers and magazines worldwide. Recently she has also started collaborating with the NY Times.

She has also attended workshops with Antoine d’Agata and Chien-Chi Chang, and managed to create a mentor-mentee relationship with them, gaining their trust through her commitment and work ethic.

She is currently working on a long-term project in Thailand and short term assignments in between Beijing and Chengdu.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/valentinabeijing


  Tachpasit Kunaporn

Born in 1987, Thailand
He graduated from Communication Arts Major at Bangkok University 2010

He graduated as well from ICP International Center of Photography 2016 and currently work as an freelance photographer and photo editor, based in New York, USA.